We are good friends from very different backgrounds but we are united in our love of Jesus Christ and our desire to share His gospel with as many people as possible.

We love the Bible and other religious and inspired texts. We wanted to share a sacred record with you that introduces stories of faith in Jesus Christ from people in the Ancient Americas and adds to the teachings of the Bible. The record is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Another Testament of Jesus Christ, see our “Testaments of Christ” highlight.

To add to your experience with Another Testament of Jesus, our daily posts will include:

»    personal thoughts, experiences, & questions

»    passages from the text

»    videos that depict the storyline and message

»    questions so we can all learn together

These principles should feel familiar to Christians everywhere, regardless of their faith, and will likely help all who are sincere seekers of truth come closer to God and find greater hope, peace, and joy through Jesus.

We invite you…

irrespective of your faith tradition — to follow along with us in our personal journey that follows the journey of a family and their posterity that left the old world and came to the americas. As you do, we hope to learn more about your personal journey. We believe that we have something to learn from you that can help us on our journey and hopefully there’s something you might learn from us and from these ancient people that can help you along yours. Please engage with us in the comments or through DM as much as you’d like! We simply ask that you keep all comments and messages respectful and appropriate.

To start, Braden and Adrian will head up these efforts. There are many others involved in our labor of love, and in time, we’ll introduce you to some more of them.

Here is a little about us…

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and spent most of my adult life in the Rocky Mountain West. I have 4 wonderful children and have worked primarily in education, non-profits, & consulting.

My many loves include (but certainly aren’t limited to) learning, nature, good people, and food! Most of all, I love my kids and I love God and His children. I find the gospel of Jesus Christ to be wonderfully practical and understanding it and living it fills me with all sorts of good things. Though I know virtually nothing about social media, I’m grateful for this opportunity to work with some friends to share our common love with others who might be interested.

As a kid, my parents read God’s word to us, and I learned to read by reading scriptures. One of my favorite books was a big book of bible stories. I was impressed from an early age by these stories from the Old and New Testaments which inspired me in many ways.

As I grew older, I became familiar with Another Testament of Christ and its account of some of God’s children in ancient america. I felt something of God’s love knowing that He knew and loved and ministered to all of His children across earth throughout the ages of time – not just one group of people in one part of the world. The stories and principles from these writings fit neatly with everything I learned in the Bible and helped me come to understand Jesus and His teachings better.

In my adult years, I’ve tried to find ways to share these stories and principles with others because they have been such a blessing to me in my life in so many ways. My experience has been as others strive to understand and live these things, they too find greater peace, hope, and joy. Helping others to these ends has been a great source of joy for me as well.

I’m hopeful that something in what we’re trying to do here might be able to bless your life or the life of someone you know – if not in as profound a way as I have been touched by these things, at least in some small way. I’d love to hear from you and what you’re learning on your personal journey as you follow us on ours.

Anything you’d like to ask me or want to learn more about me?

My wife and I have three wonderful children and we are expecting our fourth in May 2020. I love my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 very much and spending time is my favorite thing to do. I consider myself to be a:

🥗Health Foodie
& more

There was a time in my life when I was lost. I recognized that the lifestyle I was living was not going to produce the results of the life I wanted to live. It was a great realization to have but I didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t until I started reading from Another Testament of Jesus Christ that my life started to change. Prior to this book I had hated reading but this book was different, I couldn’t put it down. Sometimes the book showed me what to do but more importantly the book showed me who to become. The stories in the book taught me more of Christ and what it means to follow him. Perhaps the most treasured takeaway from the book was an overwhelming yet gentle feeling that it was teaching truth and the desire it ignited within me to trust and follow Christ.

He is real, He loves us all personally and perfectly, and this book is in fact another testament of Him. Now go and learn these things for yourself because there is nothing of greater worth in this world! 🙌

DM me about anything?