Nephi and his brothers return to Jerusalem again to invite Ishmael and his family to join them on their journey. Laman and Lemuel get upset with their parents and with Nephi, and try to kill him, but his faith saves him and he forgives his brothers.

Lehi receives guidance from God that his sons should invite Ishmael and his family who are back in Jerusalem to join them on their journey so they will be saved from the destruction of Jerusalem, and so Nephi and his brothers can marry Ishmael’s daughters and have a family in their new home in the americas.

Laman and Lemuel and some of Ishmael’s family rebel against Nephi as they return to Lehi and Sariah in the wilderness. They bind him with cords and leave him to die in the desert, however, God gives Nephi strength to break free and to forgive those who have wronged him.