As a result of another dream, Lehi sends his sons back to Jerusalem to obtain sacred records on plates of brass from a wicked religious and military leader named Laban. Laban refuses to give up the records. Laman and Lemuel rebel and beat their younger brothers—until an angel appears and saves them. Nephi miraculously obtains possession of the plates by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Lehi and Sariah are grateful and delighted when their sons return with the plates, and Lehi immediately gives thanks to God and begins to study the contents of the records.

After Lehi tells Nephi that he and his brothers need to return to Jerusalem to obtain sacred records that included words of God’s servants and other family records, Nephi responds with great faith and godly courage even though the task is daunting and difficult. However, Laman and Lemuel complain.

Laman eventually agrees to speak with Laban to try to obtain the family records. Laban refuses and threatens to kill Laman. The boys decide to make a second attempt after Nephi’s encouragement, and gather the family’s belongings to try to offer to Laban in exchange for the records. Laban steals their wealth and attempts to kill Lehi’s sons. Despite their best efforts to obey both their father and God, Lehi’s sons seem to face failure wherever they turn. Meanwhile, Sariah is without her sons in the wilderness and begins to fear for their safety.

Laman and Lemuel want nothing more to do with their father’s request to obtain the brass plates. Angry and frustrated, they rebel against Nephi and Sam and beat their younger brothers with wooden rods––until an angel appears and makes them stop the beating. Courageously, Nephi returns alone to Jerusalem in search of Laban and the plates and is able to obtain them with the help of heaven. Zoram, a servant of Laban, helps Nephi get the records and faithfully joins Nephi’s family in the wilderness.

Lehi’s sons return to their parents’ tent in the wilderness with Zoram and the sacred records containing the writings of prophets and other family records. The family gives thanks to God, recognizing His goodness and help in all that is going on, and Lehi studies the records. He shares what he finds with his family and prophecies that eventually these records and the stories and teachings they contain will bless his family, their descendants, and others throughout the world and throughout the ages of time.